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Written April 2020


> Reopening Saskatchewan • Phase Three

Being a Makeup Artist, Brow Artist & Lash Technician I fall under 'personal services - cosmetologist' which is apart of Phase 3. Currently as of the announcement for the Reopen Saskatchewan plan there is no date for Phase 3, there are however new regulations, rules and/or requirements which I will be strictly following as my clients health and safety as well as my own and my families is more important to me than finances or any beauty service.

> New Procedures

-Only one client with appointments allowed at a time. One person per session.

-You can not bring family or friends with you at this time including your children.

-I will not be travelling at this time within Regina or out of Regina for any services. All services will take place in my home studio only.

-No appointments for anyone under the age of 18 at this time.

-When you arrive please remain in your vehicle and text me you are here. If I do not have a client in studio and cleaning is complete I will suit up in PPE and come outside to get you.

-Please do not touch anything (my dog included) on the way to my studio.

-Please leave any extra clothing like jackets or sweaters you are not planning to wear in your vehicle.

-All outdoor footwear must be removed.

-I have increased disinfection of common touch points leading to my home studio (stair railing, door knobs) and within my studio (Square POS, brow chair, lash bed, pens, lights, door knobs, etc.)

-I will be wearing PPE at all times. Even when I come outside to get you.

-All clients will be given and required to wear a disposable mask at all times, and use alcohol-based hand sanitizer prior to entering my home.

-A screening questionnaire will be performed outside before you're allowed to enter my home.

-I will not be serving beverages at this time and I ask you do not bring any food or beverages with you to your appointments right now either.

-I am only going to be accepting credit cards, e-transfers & e-gift cards for payment. No more cash payments.

-Receipts will continue to be emailed to clients who want them to limit the exchange of touching paper.

-I ask if you have any flu- or cold- like symptoms (even just a scratchy throat or a headache) or if you have travelled anywhere outside Regina within 14 days of your appointment including other communities within Saskatchewan or Canada to please reschedule your appointment.

-The bathroom will be off limits at this time and for emergency situations only as it has to be cleaned in between each client. Please go before you attend your appointment.



As this is an evolving situation day to day, these procedures are subject to change without warning at any time.


I reserve the right to refuse any and all services if I feel for any reason the requirements are not being met or you refuse to cooperate with any of the following above. I will not work in any circumstance without PPE.

Once Phase 3 goes into effect, I will be doing a soft launch reopening and I will only book new appointments for brows and lashes. No new makeup applications will be booked during the first few months of reopening.


If you have a wedding booked some changes to the contract for location will be made and start times may also change to allow time for 10-15 minute cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting in between wedding party members.

This may mean not all appointments will be completed. The bride will be required to go as close to first as possible.

> Rescheduling appointments

At this time I have cancelled all existing appointments up to July 1, 2020. The last week of June I will look at what has been happening, see if there is a date yet for Phase 3 and then decide what to do with July 2020 appointments.

I have been building a waitlist for all brow grooming and lash extension services. To join this list please fill out the form below.


> Non-refundable deposits for existing wedding contracts

After speaking with and reading what hundreds of other Makeup Artists on our Saskatchewan MUA Group have decided to do in the following situations, what I have decided to do for my clients who are under a contract with non-refundable deposits is very similar to them.

Being that this pandemic has derailed a lot of plans (mine included) from weddings, graduations, parties, and more if I am unavailable because,

• I am already booked your new wedding date due to a date change,

• I am still under mandatory closure,

• I have not received the proper PPE I have ordered [as it is on short supply globally],

• a new order for more PPE supplies has not arrived yet,

instead of just losing your non-refundable deposits I will be turning the amount of money paid from the non-refundable deposits into service credit and the contract will become void. Clients will be allowed to use this service credit until December 31, 2022 for any service being offered. After December 31, 2022 any remaining service credit will be terminated. Any remaining amount of the service credit will not be refunded. Date is subject to extend.


Any cancelled weddings will forfeit their non-refundable deposits and it will not be turned into service credit. I am being extremely strict with my non-refundable deposits in these cases.

> What can I use my service credit for?

I am lucky my clients have been understanding about the current situation and they have been nothing but supportive and happy they will not be losing any money by it being turned into service credit. I am also booking these clients in first and I have even waived additional fees if the service credit will be a little short.

Examples of what you can get currently with service credit..

$40 service credit = Brows groomed 2-3x

$75 service credit = Brows groomed 5x or 1 makeup application (once offered again)

$110 service credit = Full Set of Classic Lash Extensions + 1 brow grooming, brows groomed 7x, or 1 makeup application (once offered again) + brows groomed 2-3x

> Why the soft launch is not including new makeup application services?

The reason for this decision was a really hard one to make as I am a Makeup Artist first and foremost before anything else but it simply comes down to client safety and the nature of this virus. Being that I have been tested for COVID-19 I feel I am taking this a little more serious than some people are.


Makeup clients cannot wear a mask while a makeup service takes place like they can for other beauty services I offer. I only stand 8 inches from your face, which is too close for all the air I exchange with multiple clients daily.


If a client was to cough or sneeze right before or mid-application and not cover their face, it takes time for those droplets to settle, and not only would those germs go all over me but the entire area is potentially contaminated including my entire makeup kit. I then have to immediately stop your makeup application and sanitize and disinfect my entire makeup kit.


Honestly, it happens more than you would actually think that people have just coughed on me during a beauty service. Rude and gross, yes, but it is a fact.

For the time being only new brow and lash services will be booked once Phase 3 of Reopening Saskatchewan goes into effect. I am sorry for any inconveniences this causes you but the health of all my clients, as well as myself has to come first in this and all situations.

Remember: life is short, health is important, beauty can wait.

Raelyn Dawn Zelinski


Makeup Artist

Lash Extension Technician

Brow Artist

Hair Artist

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